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Saturday, April 05, 2008

A Moment's Pause

While we are busy in New York celebrating the Blogger Social '08 I find myself taking more than a moment's pause to mourn what is presently happening in Tibet. Ironically as we Socialites boarded the Circle Line for a wonderful and joyful trip around the big apple, protesters were lining the streets protesting the genocide in Tibet.

Business as usual? A time to mourn a time to rejoice? Some further pictures of both events here.
Small consolation. With about 80 people who care, that's 80 more possibilities in the world to express outrage over the killings. From people who know how to make ideas sticky. From people who have larger than average voices. Lift them.


  1. Great to meet you Marilyn. So many people that I spoke to told me how much they loved being with you. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I.

  2. Good to meet you, Marilyn. You caught me at a slightly off time - and off guard. I saw we were introduced recently at work as well. I am posting something that might be helpful towards our missed conversation tomorrow.