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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Discharged from the Trauma Unit and Discharging Some Emotion

Ironically while a rather heated debate rages on our SDN/BPX blogs around the topic of personal contents in the SAP blogsphere I am faced once again with a dilemma of what content is appropriate for which audience. Here in “A time to mourn a time to rejoice”, grannimari, can definitely share and discharge a day’s emotions and convey personal feelings, opinions and observations. Is that offensive in the business context? Where do we draw the line?

Today was pretty dramatic. It started by waking up being alive. Now, I know that is what most of us perceive we do everyday, but considering last evening nearly had me dead, waking up alive was rather an occasion. In fact, I half-jokingly asked my husband last night if I was dreaming I had survived the rather serious car accident that a few hours previously had thrown my vehicle on to its side and forced this grandmother to confront her mortally in a stark way. I sincerely could not fathom that I wasn’t dead.

Thankfully, the car that plowed into mine had passengers who sustained no injuries, but being trapped in an overturned vehicle, with the knowledge that my mortality was as finite and sure as any other disposable resource on this planet was very sobering. Modern technology provided means to alert my family to my predicament and to assure them that although badly shaken and my car totally destroyed, I was alive and well. But during the hours I lay in the trauma unit, being checked from head to toe, and very alone, I kept thinking how helpful it would be if I could reach my blackberry and punch in a few tweets. A kind of self medication and reaffirmation of life was what I imagined that ability to be.

This morning I fulfilled that urge and the responses were heartening. Empathy is a powerful human need. I discovered a number of colleagues and friends and even virtual strangers (twitter followers who I really didn’t know at all) who sent caring words across the twitterverse and shared similar harrowing experiences.

I have no lack of loving people in my immediate periphery. I’m blessed with a remarkable spouse and uniquely sensitive children and very close and good friends of long standing and steadfast support, many of them rallying around me yesterday and today. But how can I describe and celebrate the incredibly healing power of the kind words of virtual strangers?

So I still deliberate over whether such content has any place in a public business environment, namely my SDN/BPX blog arena, while I haven’t the slightest qualms about posting these sentiments to my @marilynpratt twitter account and microblog environment. For whom do I post these? Actually, mostly for my business associates, who, if truth be told, are transformed in an instant to more familiar acquaintances in the context of these sharings. Today I was really grateful for that as well.

Thanks for all your good wishes. They are very therapeutic.


  1. I am so very pleased to hear you are ok! Get plenty of rest and know that there are many thinking of you

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    So glad that you are O.K. Sending relaxing thoughts. Take some time off and come back with new energy and a new/clearer perspective.

    It is deeply human to share these events as well as the positive ones. The lines between work and life for most of us are getting less clear.

    You are one of our most prominent members in the SDN and BPX community, people who are not on Twitter want to know what is going on, would like to feel with you.

    Please share it there too, Mark.

  3. Hey Marilyn,

    Wow, that is scary! I am still traumatized from a fenderbender that left me perfectly fine, but totaled my car. It was very frightening! Praying that you get some emotional relief soon - it's a bit to digest.
    Hugs from Newtown Square,

  4. Hi Marilyn,

    Must have been difficult...But I hope it's time to rejoice again.

    Cheers & Best Wishes,

    P.S. : Good to have a personal Blog where you don't have to justify much.. specially when you are not in a position to do so.
    'Life Corner Blogs' @SDN can be a good idea :)

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  6. Came to see the widget, but was shocked.

    My heartfelt prayers and wishes for good health.

    - A virtual stranger from SDN/ BPX ;)