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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rantings of an American Evangelist in London

In April of 2006 while still a content strategist and community manager of the SAP Developer Network, I raised my hand to help create and launch a sister community to the SAP developer network designed for business architects, process consultants and more functional consultants in our ecosystem. It was to be the Business Process Expert Community.
In May of 2006 I went to our yearly SAPPHIRE business event and there met with blogger/analyst Dennis Howlett (expatriate Brit and author of the AccMan Pro Blog as well as well-know ZDnet blogger, who is, in his own words, “never knowingly under-opinionated” ).
Dennis challenged my thinking about my being a Community Evangelist for when I introduced myself to him as such he performed a rather mocking obsequious gesture which signaled the pomposity of such a title. And suddenly I saw myself as ….. the American Evangelist.
A month later, while using Flickr to prepare a Web 2.0 presentation for the Americas SAP User Group (ASUG) Leadership keynote I found this apt visualization:

The Rantings of an American Evangelist in London
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Arriving in London for the Somesso conference this year, I indeed found myself the American Evangelist in London.

Link: Marilyn Pratt #smo09 (SOMESSO London 09)

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  1. Sometimes I think evangelists get a bad name. I like people who are willing to but their beliefs and passions on the line. What I don't like is when evangelists make the assumption that if you don't convert to their way of thinking, then you are heading down below. But we all know you're not that kind! At any rate that picture always makes me smile.