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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SAP Insider BPM2008

SAP Insider BPM2008
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First Jumpstart day session of the SAP Insider BPM2008 in Vegas this week featured Column 2 author, analyst and blogger Sandy Kemsley .
Topics included: definitions of BPM and BPMM – Business Process Maturity Model.
Session started by attempting to create order around the confusion of BPM-related terms.
Three info packed hours further covered subjects such as understanding the range of process types in an organization, tips like: "Don’t let the requirements become the design", warning around spending too much time modeling the "as is" state, and some fair accessments of SAP Netweaver BPM. Clear understanding that many “required” features are delayed until future versions. Outlined that there is more strategic integration with SAP ERP and a common process layer for modeling BPM and ERP. There was also a pronouncement that the goal was to become the BPM of choice for SAP customers rather than the best of breed BPM. What I further understood was that Sandy Kemsley liked the SAP NetWeaver BPM data mapping capability which although not inherently different from what you would see in other systems was highlighted as providing capabilities that are good.

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